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Kajuru, Nigeria: Explore the Unseen

Explore the unseen. 

When you think of Nigeria, the first thing that comes to mind is probably not castles. The country has a rich history, but few people know about its hidden treasures. One such place is Kajuru Castle in the Nigerian town of Kajuru. Built by Fulani warriors in the 1800s, this castle was originally used as a fortress and lookout point for attackers from other tribes or clans.

A little birdie told me the Kajuru castle was a sight to see. So we found out for ourselves and boy, were those rumours true! I’ve never seen anything like it before in my life – this is one of Nigeria’s most beautiful natural scenic spots.

I know you’ve been guessing what it looks like, but I have something that will make it worth the wait. These pictures are from Kajuru Castle in Nigeria! You won’t believe what this place looks like, talk about beauty!

The villa looks like a castle from the outside but is actually just one big house with everything you need for your stay. There’s a bed modelled after dungeons and towers that are crenellated (with walls on top). The property also has a guest tower with four rooms inside including the main building which houses knight hall and master suite – or what we would call landlord residence. From any window in this gem of architecture as well as the swimming poolside there’s the scenic view to be seen all around the mountain range nearby! This place isn’t only about décor though; it includes its own sauna too so even if not looking at mountains, one can still enjoy nature close up while relaxing in hot tubs right off the back porch!

Kaduna is so hot! It’s basically summer all year, and you can expect to see rain from May until September. But don’t worry – the rainfall never reaches overwhelming levels, and at night it gets really cool for those of us who enjoy being outdoors during wintertime too. 

The Kajuru castle is open on most days for a tour but you might have to book a day before for a tour slot. Spending a night/weekend at the castle is quite expensive, however you could decide to stay at hotels close by that are way more affordable. 

So you’ve heard about all the exciting things to do and see at Kajuru castle. Now what? If it’s been a while since your last vacation, we recommend coming here as soon as possible! You won’t regret a visit to this magical place with its beautiful scenery and friendly inhabitants.

PS: This spot is also great for a pre wedding photoshoot. 


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